The Telesummit offered 22 dynamic speakers you can meet below. You can still benefit from this event because the superb interviews remain available!

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Welcome to the Healing Earth, Healing Self Telesummit, where we connect personal wellness to ecological restoration.  Our speakers bring their brilliant expertise, optimism, and action suggestions to our topic of how self-care is related to Earth-care.

Learn how to interweave self-care with Earth care,
for mutual flourishing for people and planet

  • Are you ready to treat the Earth lovingly and heal yourself in the process?
  • Do you look at the future of humanity and the Earth and feel fear, yet know you want to feel hope instead?
  • Do you experience an inner desire to live in harmony with the other species with whom we share the Earth, and yearn to interact with others who are actively engaged in healing the human relationship to plants, animals, and our planet?
  • Our speakers address connections between human health and the natural world. You will hear from scientists who study the relationship of your body’s energy to the measurable energy of the Earth, eco-justice advocates, innovators in plant communication, and wellness experts who will help you make sure your personal wellness practices are nurturing, rather than damaging, the natural world.

    Your individual wellness choices can impact life on Earth in healing ways.  Join this international community of learners to explore practices for repairing well-being for yourself, the Earth, your family, and your community!

    The Healing Earth, Healing Self Telesummit will leave you feeling empowered and inspired.  Our speakers and your interactions with other listeners through a private Facebook group will deepen your awareness of your connections to the natural world, and give you simple practices for maximizing those connections.  Insights and action steps offered by each speaker will increase your ability to experience self-care as Earth care, and Earth care as self-care.  You’ll see both wellness and ecological healing in a new light.arrow2

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This groundbreaking event fills the gap between the wellness movement and the environmental movement.  It’s time to acknowledge that self-care isn’t effective if we live on a sick planet.  Self-care depends on Earth-care, and caring for the Earth is also an act of caring for ourselves.  A new era is beginning in which we apply the insights of both science and spirituality to our quest for personal wellness and environmental repair.  Welcome to Healing Earth, Healing Self!

Day 1, November 4

Chara Armon, Ph.D., Mutual Flourishing for Self and Earth Sandra Ingerman, Soul Retrieval, Medicine for the Earth, & Shamanism Polly Higgins, Eradicating Ecocide Global Initiative Clare Dakin:, Treesisters: Women Seeding Change Marcela Lobos, The Four Winds Society
Making the Self Care, Earth Care Connection A North American Shamanic View of Healing with the Earth Reforming the Law to Eradicate Ecocide & Heal Human Society TreeSisters: Reclamation and Renewal for Women & the Earth South American Shamanism’s Earth-Centered Wisdom

Day 2, November 5

Dr. Jim Conroy & Basia Alexander, The Institute for Cooperative Bio-Balance Tabitha Jayne, The Natural Revolution Pandora Thomas & Zakiya Harris, Earthseed Consulting Nina Simons, President and Co-Founder of Bioneers Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., Institute of HeartMath
Your Role in Tree Whispering & Cooperative Bio-Balance You Can Consciously Connect to the Wisdom Inherent in Nature Cross-pollinations: How Social Justice and Environmental Justice Relate to Community & Personal Well-being Expanding Women’s Leadership in Our Care of People and Planet. Measuring the Planet’s Energies and Our Own

Day 3, November 6

Joanne Ameya Cohen, Women’s Health & Empowerment Katrine Legg Hauger, The Quiet Evolution Movement–The Rise of Heartfulness KC Baker, KC Baker International, The Women’s Thought Leadership Society Shakaya Leone, Earth Empress Erica Wheeler, Inspiring Connections Between People and Place
Flower Essences for Healing & Re-Connection Conscious Evolution of the Human-Earth Relationship Emboldening Women’s Voices for the Earth Earth-Based Exquisite Self Care for Health and Happiness Flourishing in Place: Why Having a Sense of Place is Essential for Well-being

Day 4, November 7

Lori Joyce, Idanha Films Monica Wilcox, Writer, teacher, columnist, & social media consultant Larry Burk, M.D., Let Magic Happen Elma Mayer, Now Healing  Lauren Dalberth Hage, Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education
“Arise:” Global Women Restoring Our Harmony with Nature Attending to Nature One Loving Link at a Time Vital Relationships among Self Care, Healthcare, & the Environment Healing the Earth and Yourself: A Demonstration of Morphic Healing Why Connecting to the Natural World Serves Your Own Wellness & the Earth’s


charaHealing Earth, Healing Self: Insights and actions for connecting care of self and family to restoring our planet