The Deep Healing Autoimmunity Course is currently closed, but in response to requests for another way to begin learning this approach to healing, I’ve created Encountering Your Inner Healer: How Listening to Your Inner Guidance Lights Your Healing Path. In this easy introduction to finding wellness by listening to your inner wisdom, you’ll receive:

  • A detailed and attractive electronic learning module which includes:

Step-by-step guidance in exploring 3 practices that help you Find Your Peaceful Place, Reach Out to Your Inner Healer, and Keep the Healing Dialogue Open. Finding Your Peaceful Place is crucial for halting and reversing the processes of inflammation and immune attack in your body. Reaching Out to Your Inner Healer and Keeping the Healing Dialogue Open allow you to bring your inner wisdom into your health decisions. These substantive materials help you learn how to begin balancing your mind-body-spirit self into an integrated whole so you can step forward powerfully in your healing process.

  • An audio meditation that guides you to listen to your Inner Healer accompanies the above materials.

You will turn to these materials again and again for deep support on your journey to wellness.

Receive this support now for $37. Click here to purchase.


I am also making available the Deep Healing Autoimmunity course Resource Module, Healing Resources that Robustly Support You on the Path, which provides you with healing resources that I have gathered during my 20-year healing process and that can open doors for you.

To receive both the Encountering Your Inner Healer materials described above and the Healing Resources for $53, click here to purchase.

May you flourish on your healing journey.


A pathway to purpose, wellness, & soulful contribution for women
with autoimmune illness or other immune problems

  • Are you one of the millions who deal with an autoimmune or immune disorder?  Our numbers are rising.  Do you ever wonder if your body is trying to get your attention, and why?

  • Have you ever felt a connection between your illness and not following your life purpose?

inner-healerYou know the loneliness, the disempowerment, and maybe even the despair of struggling with your body and being told your health problem is incurable.

And maybe you know the inner voice, however quiet, that tells you not to give up…the voice that tells you some meaning, learning, or light may exist within your health struggles.  Maybe your life purpose is even buried there. 

You may be exhausted from trudging from one medical appointment to another, modifying your lifestyle, or trying endless alternative healing approaches.

You may feel that your autoimmune or other immune illness prevents you from living fully.

This hurts all the more because your compassionate heart shows you dozens of ways you’d like to serve the world’s well-being. Whether you’re in love with helping people, animals, plants, or whole ecosystems, you’re someone who feels an inner urge to mend and heal.

Don’t give up. There’s a healing path still available to you, charted in bits and pieces by experts in both healthcare & spirituality, & woven together here in a course that is your guide to purpose & wellness.

Deep Healing Autoimmunity: How to Discover Your Inner Healer & Your Offering to the World is an open door to exploring how your immune illness may be a path to clarity, heightened wellness, & service.

Join the course for support in seeking the profound meanings in what your body’s immune confusion may be teaching you about your healing role, your life purpose, & our 21st century calling of healing our relationship to planet Earth.


Some people feel stranded in grief and despair when health problems strike. This course is for you if you’re willing to explore choosing joy, empowerment, & potent healing shifts in your perspective, your lifestyle, & your offering to the world.



turquise shirt


It’s time to become aware of the many paths to healing, and the many stories of others ahead of you who have reversed autoimmune and immune illness by stepping onto their highest and best life paths.



How can you step onto a healing pathway?


It may surprise you to hear this, but your autoimmunity closely connects to your spiritual path:

Have you heard of shaman sickness? According to doctors, scholars, and energy healers whose work this course delves into, your autoimmune problems may be a type of ‘shaman sickness,’ calling you into a healing role of some kind.

It may challenge you to hear this—or perhaps you know it internally already—but your autoimmunity also relates to your connection to nature and the state of the Earth:

Our rising rates of autoimmune problems are reflecting what’s going on in our treatment of the Earth.  Our efforts to heal autoimmune illness need to involve connecting to the natural world because we balance our health through closeness to nature’s energies, rhythms, and wisdom.  This course teaches you how.  You may be asking, ‘What? What does my illness have to do with the planet?  I just want to follow my life purpose and heal.’  Bear with me!  I’ll show you the correlation and why it matters to you.


It’s time to reclaim your power to discover healing for yourself, live your life purpose, & contribute to healing the world


This course will help you to move from suffering and confusion into clarity and improved wellness.

The course shines light on the larger meanings of autoimmune problems, how they call us into healing, and why Mona Lisa Schulz, MD’s term ‘immune panic disorder’ can guide us in restoring wellness for both ourselves and the Earth. This isn’t a course that gives you specific dietary, supplementation, or exercise recommendations. It also doesn’t focus on suffering and pain. It goes far deeper, guiding you to find the profound meanings in what your body’s immune confusion may be teaching you about your healing role and your life calling/purpose. 

coffeeIn a time when human autoimmune illness and ecological disruption are mirroring each other, this course helps you to discover insights and healing practices that can transform chaos (in both human immune systems and our precious ecological systems) into wellness.

It’s no accident that our era of ecological destruction coincides with the era of autoimmune disease. Rates of autoimmune illness have tripled in the U.S. alone in the past 50 years, and other immune diseases and related inflammatory conditions are skyrocketing, as well. (How many people do you know with troublesome allergies, asthma, arthritis, or even cancer?) It’s no coincidence that our inflammatory health conditions have burgeoned during exactly the time period when we have most severely damaged, and emotionally disconnected from, our planet’s ecological systems. As our bodies deal with the stress of environmental toxicity and our minds experience anxiety caused by our fast-paced lives and lack of connection to nature, we increasingly respond with inflammatory health disorders.

Blessedly, healers and spiritual teachers are identifying the steps to restore wellness. This course draws you into the parts of the path that relate to emotional and spiritual healing and remembering or newly discovering your life calling. Here you will learn how your autoimmune problems may be a healing calling to restore yourself and contribute to the restoration of the world around you.

woman tree

In the course, you will receive mentoring to explore how your autoimmune problems are a call to re-examine your life, your purpose, & your service to the world.

Receive insights and healing tools from the work of physicians and energy healers.
Learn strategies for calming your stress/inflammation response and Finding the Peaceful Place where your stress turns to calm and your body can heal.
Explore how to listen to your own Inner Healer.
Receive support in setting both a goal and an intention for your healing progress in the course.

As physicians such as Amy Myers, Aviva Jill Romm, Christiane Northrup, Mona Lisa Schulz, Norm Shealy, Mark Hyman, and many others are stating, conventional medicine offers few good solutions for autoimmune disorders. Medications often cause difficult side effects and don’t result in cures. It’s time for those who suffer with autoimmunity and other immune problems to realize that an array of healing solutions exists, and one of the most powerful is making sure you are on track with your life calling.

Discoveries you’ll make in this course:

You will learn how autoimmune illness is a calling to nurture the feminine life force (your own and the natural world’s).
You will learn how the dangers of autoimmune disease are an invitation to change and heal through loving care for yourself and the larger life system that supports you.
You’ll learn that if your life purpose feels enormous, radical, or just plain strange, your uncertainty and resistance may be hurting you more than you realize. You’ll learn how not following your life purpose is contributing to your immune problems and how to dissolve the barriers holding you back.


Are you ready to learn what your immune illness is here to teach you & finally fulfill your own life calling? Here’s where we’ll go together:

The course offers you 6 healing modules—we’ll call them Pathways–over 6 weeks. Each Pathway contains instruction, resources, healing practices& stories of other people’s healing that will shine light on your path.



Pathway I: Your wounded body is calling you to wholeness & alignment

We’ll consider how our ecological situation is uniquely perilous at this time, and why our minds and bodies are responding with fear and stress that impact our health even if we may not consciously realize it. You’ll learn how immune problems call you to nurture your higher brain and calm your primitive brain, and to calm your first chakra, which both progressive physicians and energy healers acknowledge to be a modulator of your immune system. We’ll also explore how autoimmunity is a call to restore the feminine life force. She goes by many names, from Shekinah to Mother Earth and Terra, and according to David Perlmutter, MD and Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., she is represented physically in your cellular mitochondria, which produce your physical energy and are crucial to your wellness.

You will:

Receive insights and healing tools from the work of physicians and energy healers.
Learn strategies for calming your stress/inflammation response and Finding the Peaceful Place where your stress turns to calm and your body can heal.
Explore how to listen to your own Inner Healer.
Receive support in setting both a goal and an intention for your healing progress in the course.


Pathway II: Offering deep care to yourself & your Self

Here you will learn why autoimmunity is a call to nurture life (your own and the lives of other living beings) and to engage in self-love (for your own self and the larger Earth Self or life community of which you are a part). (I know—self care. You’ve tried it. For some of us it feels strange or useless. I’ll help you define what it means for your life so it gives you enjoyment rather than irritation.)

You will:

Explore your desires and passions in order to break out of the cloud of illness by defining the light and delight you seek.
Play with enjoyable self care to discover Your Missing Piece of Deep Self Care.
Receive a healing meditation that encourages your Inner Healer to stand up and be heard.
Become aware of how tending the natural world, even in small ways, is an act of tending yourself, while tending yourself in health-conscious ways is an act of tending the natural world, which is your life-support system.

bulletPathway III: Your healer’s calling

The threat of autoimmunity is an invitation to heal at a deep level: to heal yourself and to contribute to healing life on our planet. Most, or perhaps all, people who suffer from autoimmunity have a healing purpose of some kind. Your purpose may be simply to lovingly nurture your own body, or care for your family. It may be to create art to inspire others, to teach children, to become a health coach, to rescue animals, or to advocate for the restoration of your local waterway or forest. Whatever your purpose is, it matters to your health. If your purpose is unfulfilled, your body will tell you about it.

You will:

Learn how autoimmunity is a call to honor your true nature and the truth of Nature, our life support system.
Receive support in deeply exploring what your healing calling may be, whether it focuses on yourself or your family, or on supporting the wellness of people, animals, plants, or ecosystems. You’ll begin to listen to your Inner Healer’s guidance on your healing calling.
Practice bringing light-heartedness, joy, and humor into your experience of both illness and healing.

bulletPathway IV: Defining your own healing path

This Module presents an array of tools and things to consider on your healing path. You’ll receive support in considering your unique next steps in addressing your autoimmune challenges, and you’ll learn how to observe both the natural world and people who have recovered from illness in order to find practical examples of what a healing path looks like.

You will:

Explore how to partner with your Inner Healer to hone in on your highest purpose.
Learn how to harmonize your personal healing path with your larger purpose or service to the world so you can avoid over-exertion, stress, and burnout.
Learn listening and observation practices that teach you how to imitate the choices of people who have healed themselves, and to imitate the healthy functioning of the natural world.

bulletPathway V: Restoring yourself & the life system: your offering to the world

In this final Module, you receive support for making choices about how to implement your calling, whether the focus is primarily on your own healing, or additionally on supporting the healing of other people and the natural world. Whether you are ready for enormous steps or small beginnings, any progress you make will have a healing effect.

You will:

Learn ongoing strategies for making sure that your service to the world, whether it’s small and gentle or much larger, remains a well-balanced service to yourself, as well.
Receive mentoring on how to commit and dedicate yourself to your calling.
Learn how to keep all your acts of service connected to the well-being of life on Earth.
Practice weaving pleasure, play, fun, rest, and delight into your service to yourself and others, and learn why your healthiest path is one of ease.
Receive mentoring in selecting ongoing self-care practices that will continually support and increase your health and well-being.

bulletBonus Pathway: Healing Resources that Robustly Support You on the Path

Each of the 5 main modules contains suggested resources that range from natural remedies for you to investigate to inspiring websites and informative books that will support you on your healing path. This Bonus Pathway provides you with additional resources that I have gathered during my my 20-year healing process and that I feel you need to be aware of.

bulletWeekly Call

In addition to receiving the weekly Pathways, each week we will have a live conference call (which you can access via recording if the live time is not feasible for you) to discuss the Pathway. In the Weekly Call I will offer additional instruction, insights, and support and take questions.

My heart-centered approach to this course is to offer you as much healing support as I can.

To review, the course includes:

The 5 Pathways described above, delivered over 6 weeks (with one week of respite to catch up or process your learning)
The Bonus Pathway of Healing Resources
A private Facebook group where you may share discoveries and progress with other course members. The emphasis of the page will be hopeful and positive. It is a place to share questions, progress, and insights during the course. Discussions of symptoms and suffering will be kept to a minimum in order to maintain the healing tone of the course as a whole.
The Weekly Call (live or recorded, your choice).
Contributor Gifts


lindsay-peraLindsay Pera is a fearless mom, wellness entrepreneur and Inspirer-in-Chief, and a sought-after contributor and motivator on all topics health and healing. Find Lindsay at Chronic Wellness Tools, a community for those living with or touched by chronic illness.

Lindsay’s gift, Autoimmune Disease: Hidden Keys to Transformation & Healing, includes a video & guide in which she shares her story of coming out of autoimmune disease and chronic illness to a place of purpose, passion and service. She offers the tools for healing that she shares with her private clients and community at Chronic Wellness Tools.

sylvieSylvie Grégoire is a Life Coach who helps people – especially women who are stressed-out, overwhelmed, heading for burn-out – to live more authentic, joyful and fulfilling lives.

Sylvie’s gift, Reclaiming one’s own natural state of health, is an audio meditation that will help you reclaim your natural state of health. It starts with a relaxation, followed by affirmations of awareness, healing and spiritual growth.

larry2Larry Burk, MD, is a Certified Energy Health Practitioner and is also certified in clinical hypnosis and trained in medical acupuncture. He was former associate professor of radiology and director of integrative medicine education at Duke University Medical Center and has served as board president of the Rhine Research Center.

Have you ever developed an unusual allergy or immune disease of mysterious cause that seemed to symbolize some issue in your life? Dr. Burk’s gift provides an introduction to both symbolic origins of illness, and how and why the treatment modality called EFT, which anyone can learn, can eliminate disease patterns and restore health.

nancyNancy Mae, MA, MS, MIM is a Life Transitions Coach, Energy Practitioner and creator of the Energetic Fertility Method™ (EFM).  Nancy’s training in Clinical and Research Psychology, User Experience Research, Energy Medicine, yoga and meditation informs her work with clients.

In Nancy’s gift, you will learn simple energy medicine tools to help you ground your body’s energy for wellness and feeling more at home in your body. Nancy is offering a handout and audios that teach you how to ground your entire system and your endocrine system in particular.

maryMary E. Pritchard, PhD, HHC is the founder of the thriving “Awakening the Goddess Within” virtual community, a Professor of Psychology at Boise State University, an esteemed blogger at Psychology Today and Huffington Post, and a frequent contributor to Aspire Magazine.

Do you take care of everyone but YOU? Mary’s gift supports you in stepping onto the path of healing by offering yourself your love and care, just as you do for your friends and family.

elmaElma Mayer has taught tens of thousands of people how to do instant healing and Whole Life Alignment. In addition to Now Healing, Elma is a Certified Practitioner of The Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, and has trained in Access Consciousness, Theta Healing, and other modalities.

Elma’s gift, Instant Morphic Healing for Your Autoimmune Issue – a Guided Healing Audio, allows you to experience a powerful, effective new approach to healing autoimmunity. In this audio, you will activate healing for your specific situation by shifting its Energy.

lisaDr. Lisa DeRogatis Sulsenti owns Atlantic Coast Chiropractic, and has helped thousands of patients reach healing. Dr. Lisa is a coach for families with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and owner and creator of My Food School , a nutrition and food program that will help you create a toxic-free dietary lifestyle or a natural clean weight loss plan.

Dr. Lisa’s gift is a nutrition podcast crash course on how to make anti-inflammatory food choices to heal health conditions such as autoimmune and neurological disorders.

amiciettaAmiCietta D. Clarke is a holistic health coach, speaker, and writer.  She practiced corporate law and became a holistic health coach after she overcame myasthenia gravis, a rare autoimmune disease, through clean eating and reducing stress and the environmental toxins in her life.

AmiCietta’s gift, Arrest the Toxic Assault: Five Household Toxins to Eliminate from your Life to Give your Immune System a Break and Reclaim Your Health, will teach you about five common household toxins that could be contributing to your autoimmune disease and show you how you can eliminate them.

rhondaRhonda Lee, MA.Ed., a.k.a. BarefootArtist, is a Laughter Yoga Leader, Reiki Master and Energy Transformist.  She loves to educate individuals on how to take charge of their personal and surrounding energies to expand their lives to the fullest. After healing herself of an autoimmune illness, Rhonda serves her clients with mentoring in nutrition, stress management, and many other aspects of health and wellness.

Rhonda’s gift is Drift into DeltaSleep: Affirmations to Ease into Restorative Sleep. Rhonda additionally has created a video just for members of this course describing her own recovery from a debilitating autoimmune illness. Her doctors have been amazed that she no longer shows signs of illness.

kimberlyKimberly Klassen is the go-to person for comprehensive sustainability consulting on an individual level. Kimmy brings her B.Sc. in Environmental Science and an M.A. in Environmental Education and Communication to her work as a home energy efficiency advisor, host of sustainable happiness workshops, and creator of online programs aimed at helping her clients connect personal well-being to what’s good for the environment.

Kimmy’s gift is Learn the 9 Keys to Happiness that happy people all over the world practice, regardless of geographic location, social or financial status, race or religion.

People on 5 continents have enrolled in Chara’s courses.
Here’s what people say about learning from Chara:

terri“I have been so nurtured and inspired by your offering.”Terri Henry,, Dominica, the Caribbean
“Chara continually helps me to restore and deepen my own connections to personal wellness, especially through reconnection with the natural world. With her keen intuition and vast knowledge, Chara graciously offers wisdom and focused advice in clear, easily absorbed, and action-oriented steps. I encourage others to call on Chara’s gifts as a teacher or a coach.  You will be enriched, inspired, and restored!”Holly A., teacher and mother, United States
“Chara is a visionary who cares deeply about our planet and personal healing. She is always walking her talk with the highest integrity and is a passionate guide in service to the mutual healing of our planet and all human beings. Chara inspires with her commitment to taking small (yet important) steps to bring a greater state of harmony to the issues affecting our planet and humanity.”Deborah Shipley,, United States
larry“Chara Armon is pioneering a unique and important path in combining concepts of healing the earth with the principles of self-healing.”Larry Burk, MD,, United States
alice“Chara is a wise and compassionate guide.”Alice Ashwell PhD, South Africa

Join the course for support in seeking the profound meanings in what your body’s immune confusion may be teaching you about your healing role, your life purpose, & our 21st century calling of healing our relationship to planet Earth.

Enrollment Closed.

Do you feel moved to contribute to a scholarship for women who are not currently able to purchase this course for themselves? You can do so here, and I will distribute the scholarships to women who have contacted me to request one.


Questions you may have:

Will I get well and recover from my illness by taking this course?
It’s very possible. You will begin a process that is your pathway to wellness. What you will definitely experience is reassuring clarity about your purpose and the ways you are called to heal yourself or share healing with the world. You also will experience significantly enhanced awareness of the mind-body-spirit relationships that influence your immune system, how your health is affected by connection to the natural world, and the numerous healing resources currently being offered by physicians, energy healers, nutritionists, wellness experts, spiritual teachers, and others.

How will I participate in the course?
The course is designed to ask you to engage for at least 1-2 hours per week. You may find more benefit if you are able to give the course more time, but if you can spend 1-2 hours weekly on the course material, you will do fine. Your weekly participation involves listening to the live or recorded call, reading the weekly module, or Pathway, and engaging with the processes recommended in the Pathway. You will very likely find that the numerous resources, practices, and processes continue to support you long after the course itself has ended.

Is there a set time schedule I have to follow?
Ideally you will participate in the course weekly during its 6-week duration, from April 7 to May 12. However, once you sign up, you will receive access to all of the Pathways, weekly call recordings, and Contributor Gifts. If you wish to go through the course more slowly on your own time, you’re free to do so.

Will I interact with others in the course?
This is your choice. The private Facebook group will give you opportunities to have conversations with others to share inspiration, support, insights, and progress. When you’re engaged in transformation, it helps a lot to be connected to a supportive community of people who are similarly focused. However, if you prefer to engage with the course privately, without participating in the Facebook group or emailing questions to me, you are free to do so. Please choose the path that feels comfortable and nurturing to you.

Will this work for me? Am I ready to step onto this healing path?
Yes! If you feel an inner inclination toward this exploration, you are ready. And to respond in more detail, I’ll say:

arms crossed

This healing experience is for you if:

  • You experience autoimmune illness or other immune disease (or you are a practitioner who treats immune and inflammatory disorders and desires to learn this approach to addressing them).
  • You’re open to discovering how your illness may be a signpost on your path of joy and service.
  • You are open to exploring the spiritual meanings of your experience.
  • You are open to more deeply exploring the human-Earth relationship.
  • You desire to awaken to how your body and soul are communicating to you.
  • You desire to choose flourishing over suffering.
  • You seek to discern your Inner Healer’s call and live your life to its fullest.
This program does not serve everyone with auto-immune and other immune problems. The course is not for you if:

  • You believe you can never recover or you feel unwilling to try.
  • You’re looking for the course to provide medical advice.
  • You believe your healing is your doctors’ job, not yours.
  • You feel dismissive of the value of exploring spiritual meanings.
  • You have difficulty feeling motivated to make changes in your life.
  • You are more comfortable focusing on symptoms and suffering than on the journey of healing for yourself and the life community on Earth.


If you feel ready—even just a little bit!—to move beyond illness, identify your higher purpose, & live it, join me.

What is waiting for you? Better health, clarity on your life purpose, a healing connection to nature & joy.

I welcome you to flourish by experiencing this course.


Enrollment Closed.


Don’t give up. There’s a healing path still available to you, charted in bits & pieces by experts in both healthcare & spirituality, and woven together here in a course that is your guide to freedom.

Deep Healing Autoimmunity: How to Discover Your Inner Healer & Your Offering to the World is an open door to exploring how your immune illness may be a path to meaning, heightened wellness, & service. Join the course for support in seeking the profound meanings in what your body’s immune confusion may be teaching you about your healing role, your life calling, & how we can restore humanity’s relationship to the planet.

A portion of the proceeds of this course will be donated to TreeSisters,, an organization that plants trees internationally and supports women in discovering a mutually nurturing connection to the natural world.

flower s in the snow

Disclaimer: This course offers coaching and mentoring designed to help you find pathways to wellness, meaning, transformation, and healing service to yourself and the world. The course supports you in doing inner work that can alleviate and possibly heal your autoimmune or other immune health problems. I share numerous resources and practices I believe to be helpful for those suffering from autoimmune illness. However, nothing in this course should take the place of decisions you make with the support of your licensed health care providers. In the content of the course and any live or online conversations that occur between me and course participants, I offer my own best understanding of the course topics and trust that you make decisions about your personal health care in consultation with medical professionals. Due to the complexities and variables of each person’s health journey, I can provide excellent mentoring yet cannot guarantee any individual’s outcomes.


Tracey OsborneDeep Healing Autoimmunity