Encountering Your Inner Healer


Product Description

Encountering Your Inner Healer: How Listening to Your Inner Guidance Lights Your Healing Path. In this easy introduction to finding wellness by listening to your inner wisdom, you’ll receive:

  • A detailed and attractive electronic mini-course which includes:

Step-by-step guidance in exploring 3 practices that help you Find Your Peaceful Place, Reach Out to Your Inner Healer, and Keep the Healing Dialogue Open. Finding Your Peaceful Place is crucial for halting and reversing the processes of inflammation and immune attack in your body. Reaching Out to Your Inner Healer and Keeping the Healing Dialogue Open allow you to bring your inner wisdom into your health decisions. These substantive materials help you learn how to begin balancing your mind-body-spirit self into an integrated whole so you can step forward powerfully in your healing process.

  • An audio meditation that guides you to listen to your Inner Healer accompanies the above materials.

You will turn to these materials again and again for deep support on your journey to wellness.


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