Step into Relationship with Nature, Soothe Yourself through Connection, Link
Your Flourishing to the Earth’s

You feel called to befriend the natural world.
You want to discover how befriending nature allows you to
heal yourself.

Welcome to a path of treating the natural world lovingly and healing yourself
in the process.

You can pay attention to nature with your mind, body, and soul, deepening your
own wellness as you move into
mutually healing intimacy with the natural world.

Join me to move from anxiety about environmental problems into
engaged hopefulness.

Now is the time for you to relate to the natural world in ways that are soothing and mutually supportive. You can reflect, reconnect, and link your wellness to nature’s.

The Roots and Branches of Mutual Flourishing Course shows you how.


Are you tired of feeling like your connection to the natural world is based more in worry than love?
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by distress about the damage occurring in the natural world?

image-photographyThere’s an alternative.

As you move through this course, you will:

bulletAcknowledge and process your fears about our environmental crisis so you’re free to connect soothingly to the natural world and serve its well-being and your own.

bulletAdopt nature-connection strategies to reduce your own stress, anxiety, or illness.

bulletReinvigorate or discern your life purpose related to Earth care.

bulletLink your personal wellness to the Earth’s through specific practices.

bulletStart believing that we can repair our own health while tending to the natural world’s needs.

The Course contains 5 modules which you’ll begin receiving starting on November 1.


Module I introduces how we reached this place of environmental crisis and helps you identify your Desires and Goals for Your Own Wellness and the Earth’s.

Module II teaches you to Transition from Anxiety to Calm so you can alleviate your own suffering and become more capable of heart-centered action.

Module III offers strategies to help you Flourish Through Connection, going substantially beyond what’s offered in my free e-book and recent Telesummit Guidebook.

Module IV mentors you in how to Visualize a Healed Future and choose your next contribution.

Module V readies you to Act for Mutual Flourishing for yourself and the natural world, leading you to feel empowered through your interwoven service to your own wellness and the Earth’s.

Each Module includes wisdom from diverse leaders and cultures, ancient and recent, to support you and enable you to see where we are in the evolution of our human relationship to the Earth and how you can participate.

As part of the course, you’ll have email access to me (read more about who I am below). Through a private Facebook group, you’ll have access to other course participants so you can share your progress, insights, and resources.

When you enroll in the Course, you’ll receive the following free gifts:

  • A Roots and Branches of Mutual Flourishing Guide for Parents (and others who spend time with children)

  • A Mutual Flourishing Resource Collection of things to know and resources to explore to activate your hope and optimism about ecological healing.
You can access the course for only $67.
This course will nurture and inspire you if:
bulletYou experience stress related to our environmental crisis and you’re ready to feel calmer.

bulletYou know the connections between yourself and the Earth are important, but you feel unsure when you try to figure out how to connect in meaningful ways.

bulletYou feel good when in contact with nature and you need practices for gaining that well-being regularly.

bulletYou experience stress-related health challenges.

bulletYou see that the ways we damage the natural world damage our own health, too, but you doubt whether we can solve this, and sometimes you feel desperate about your and your family’s well-being given our environmental problems.

bulletYou want to act on behalf of the natural world’s healing, but you feel unsure or overwhelmed when you try to discern your role.
If you feel overwhelmed by life demands, especially the need to care for yourself and your family and the seemingly impossible task of being involved in caring for the natural world, I can help you move from feeling fragmented to integrated.

I’m called to be your mentor on this path.

Through this course, I mentor you in weaving together your self care with Earth care, your personal wellness with the wellness of the natural world.

I not only have a Ph.D. in the humanities and years of experience teaching about the human-natural world relationship, but I have personally struggled through fear about our environmental problems, my own health problems, and the overwhelm of juggling parenting + work + self care + environmental activism.

What has saved me is learning at a deep level how personal wellness is connected to the wellness of the natural world that is our home. As I have learned to integrate my own self care and self-development with connecting to the natural world, I have become expert in teaching you how to feel more secure in your body, in life on planet Earth, and in your involvement with hopeful ideas, practices, and eco-restoration movements. You can get to know me better at


When you enroll in the Course, you’ll receive the following free gifts:

  • A Roots and Branches of Mutual Flourishing Guide for Parents (and others who work with children)

  • A Mutual Flourishing Resource Collection of things to know and resources to explore to revive your hope and activate your optimism about ecological healing.
You can access the course for only $67.
You can transition from fearing environmental problems to experiencing the joy of nature’s companionship.

It’s possible to treat the natural world lovingly and heal yourself in the process.

The Roots and Branches of Mutual Flourishing Course leads you to interweave self care with Earth care, for mutual flourishing for people and planet.

A portion of the proceeds of this course will be donated to TreeSisters.

Refund Policy: If you are not satisfied with this e-course, you may request a full refund within 30 days of your date of purchase.

Disclaimer: This is an educational and inspirational product. It is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment provided by your own physician, mental health practitioner, or any other licensed or registered health care professional.